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Alexi Dying

Alexi, dying from her wounds.

Letter from Corvo is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Mr. and Mrs. Mayhew,
I am deeply sorry to inform you that your daughter, Captain Alexi Mayhew, was killed in action during the recent Coup in Dunwall.

Alexi was brave, loyal and selfless until the end, as she always had been, since the day she fought alongside the Empress and saved her from the carriage attack, while they were just kids. Emily never had a better friend.

It has been an honor to know and work with your daughter. Be assured that as soon as Emily is restored to the throne - and I swear she will be - I'll make sure Alexi's death is properly memorialized.

With all my sympathy,

Corvo Attano
Royal Protector


It can be found on the desk in the guest quarters of the Dreadful Wale when Corvo awakes from meeting the Outsider. An alternative note is found if playing as Emily.