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Letter from Aunt Lucy is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


My dearest Caruso,

I'm glad you sought my counsel on this delicate matter, as I'm afraid your reputation is in peril if you let rumors spread. Yes, I trust you, I know the voices are real, and the spirits as well. Don't listen to them, look away, as they're only trying to mesmerize you and bring you closer to the Void itself.

Believe me, don't waste a minute; condemn the room where the phenomenon is occuring. And sell the manor as soon as you can. You may stay with me for a while, if it suits you.

I must say it's no surprise that the manor should be cursed. That man Stilton never was a presentable person. How could an uncouth miner make his way into the old Duke's palace if not by unspeakable means? Who knows what he was up to? The walls might be filled with toadstones and children's teeth. You can't fight against witchcraft.

I'll await your visit.

- Aunt Lucy


The note is found on a couch in Stilton's bedroom in the alternate present if Stilton was killed in the past.