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"I thought the great Daud was a master assassin. Spinning his webs, worshiping at accursed shrines. All it took was one mistake and you're finished."
—Overseer Hume, while fighting against Daud

Leonard Hume is the Overseer who leads the assault on the Whalers' headquarters in The Knife of Dunwall, and is the assassination target of its final mission, The Surge.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

A zealous man in search of glory, Hume moves his company into the Flooded District in advance of a coordinated attack on the Assassin stronghold. While his surprise assault initially cripples the Assassin forces, his overconfidence leads him to underestimate Daud; the Assassin leader is able to infiltrate the captured headquarters and neutralize Hume, whose forces collapse thereafter. In the process, Daud learns of the greater attack ahead of time, and the Assassins wipe out the remaining Overseers. Corvo Attano can see the aftermath of this counterattack when he visits the Flooded District.

Daud has the option to kill or capture Hume. If he chooses the latter, either Billie Lurk or other assassin informs Daud that the Overseer leader will be interrogated when he regains consciousness.


  • Hume's model is recycled from the main campaign, where it was used for Overseer Berthold, a minor character met during the High Overseer Campbell mission.
  • A Victory Letter discussing the coordinated attack on the Whalers can be looted from his person.
  • Hume shares the same death animation as Teague Martin.
  • When Hume's body is inspected after he is eliminated, he is simply called "Overseer".
  • Hume has marginally more health than a regular Overseer, but otherwise has identical fighting ability.
  • In combat he wields the standard Overseer Sabre and pistol, but does not use grenades.
  • Some of Hume's men show him little respect, talking derisively about how he saw a chance at personal glory and acted prematurely.