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"To protect but not to serve whomsoever occupies the Imperial Throne at Dunwall, to defend against the scourge both from within and without, to safeguard the legacy of the Throne in perpetuity, whatever maybe."
—The oath of the League of Protectors

The League of Protectors, or simply the League, is a clandestine organization founded to protect the Imperial Throne of the Empire of the Isles.


Despite their goals, the League is independent from, and operates without the knowledge of the Royal Spymaster and his agents. A report commissioned by Corvo Attano showed that his agents tried to investigate the League but were unable to discover their true intention. The current Head of the organization is Wyman, Emily Kaldwin's love interest. The reach of the League is far and wide, as their agents are stationed throughout the isles and managed to infiltrate all strata of society, from the nobility to the street gangs.[1] They are well-trained in hand-to-hand combat and equipped with military-grade weaponry, some of which is covertly supplied by the Royal Morley Constabulary. Evidently, three agents managed to delay Daud - although not nearly capable enough to cause him any trouble - and, to their credit, remained levelheaded after witnessing Daud's supernatural abilities.[2]

Ironically, in 1852 the very thing the League is supposed to prevent had happened: the Duke of Serkonos launched a coup without them having any prior knowledge; and the very person they have sworn to protect, Emily Kaldwin, has vanished.

The Return of Daud[]

Before the coup of Dunwall, the League's most important target is Daud, the person that has assassinated Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and got away with it, and is continued to be seen as a threat to Emily. Acting upon the rumors that Daud has resurfaced, Wyman hired a husband-and-wife mercenary pair, the Devlins, to track down and eliminate him. The Devlins were present when Daud fought against a clockwork soldier in Wyrmwood District, found out about his plan to acquire the Twin-bladed Knife, and sent information ahead to a League's cell in Porterfell. Instead of waiting for the Devlins to arrive and plan for a coordinated ambush, Lowry - a local agent - underestimated Daud, took his team to confront the former assassin directly. This resulted in the loss of two agents and the League's element of surprise.

Known Members[]

  • Wyman: the current head of the League.
  • Lowry: a loyal agent with over 10 years of service.
  • Sal: a publican of the Empire's End tavern in Porterfell and Lowry's superior.