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The matron's dead body in her office.

Last Entry in the Matron's Diary is a book found in Dishonored 2.


I've been "dismissed."

That's how they put it, like I'd just brought the tea, and I could take my leave. And me, the fool, thinking I'm getting an afternoon off for a change. I says, "Grand! I'll see you early in the morning." Oh, my face turned a shade of crimson when they said I was never to return. Never! No explanation, and I'm not even allowed to see the good doctor.

I must have done something awful to deserve such ill treatment, but what? Didn't I always support Hypatia? Didn't I do all she asked? I was her other set of hands, her own words! I've been trying to recall what it was I could've done that was so wrong.

I did leave that vial of medicine on the counter, and it got spoiled. But that was over a month ago, and Hypatia didn't seem the least upset by it. Now I think she must have been ever so disappointed in me, but perhaps too sweet to say anything to my face about it.

All that work left to do. I'm too distraught to write anything more.


The book can be found in an office near the stairwell on the third floor during the mission The Good Doctor.


  • In high chaos, the matron's body can be found next to the note, having hanged herself.