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Kirin Jindosh.

"The Duke’s circle is full of clever bastards, but no one is like Jindosh. His home is supposed to be full of marvels, and there’s a reason people are afraid of his mansion. Jindosh won’t care who you are or what you want. He looks at you like you’re a puzzle, to be taken apart."
—Meagan Foster about Jindosh[1]

Kirin Jindosh is the Grand Inventor to the Duke of Serkonos and founder of Jindosh Technologies.[2] He is responsible for the creation of the Clockwork Soldiers and the construction of the Clockwork Mansion, in which he also resides.[3] Jindosh is a former student of the natural philosopher Anton Sokolov[4] and is featured in the E3 2015 Announcement Trailer for Dishonored 2.[5]

During the trailer, he was expecting Emily Kaldwin's attempt on his life and was calm and prepared for it. He lost composure when he realized his mechanical soldiers and traps were not enough to stop her.

During the events of Dishonored 2, Jindosh holds Anton Sokolov captive in his Clockwork Mansion. Either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin arrive at the mansion to free Sokolov and to eliminate Jindosh before he can create an army of Clockwork Soldiers [6].


  • Kirin Jindosh is voiced by John Gegenhuber.[7]
  • Kirin Jindosh claims that he rarely sleeps, as his mind "won't stop turning". Indeed, a sign near the elevator confirms that on average, Jindosh only sleeps four hours.
  • Should Emily reveal her presence to Jindosh in the gallery of the Upper Hall, he approaches her from behind secure glass and mockingly bows before her, having deduced her identity. He then alerts the Clockwork Soldiers to Emily's presence, causing them to start scouting the area. Similarly, he also recognizes Corvo as the Lord Protector.
  • If Jindosh is aware of the intruder in his home, he will comment on its progress through loudspeakers.
    • After the first Clockwork Soldier is destroyed by either Corvo or Emily, Jindosh states his surprise. If the intruder is Emily, Jindosh states that he did not think she had it in her, given her coddled upbringing. If Corvo is chosen instead, Jindosh voices similar opinions, this time because of Corvo's age.
  • Jindosh is also the inventor of the Silvergraph, a format to capture pictures.[8]
  • Prior to his expulsion from the Academy of Natural Philosophy, it is rumored that Kirin Jindosh made a functional version of the Heart that operated for exactly 13 minutes before turning to ash.[9]
  • Kirin lost the index finger and thumb on his left hand in an industrial accident. He has replaced them with a ceramic prosthesis that doubles as a pipe, upon which he puffs occasionally.[10]



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