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"Self-taught, he was hailed by the Academy of Natural Philosophy as a genius who would surpass Sokolov and bring about an age of enlightenment."
—The Outsider on Jindosh[1]

Kirin Jindosh is the Grand Inventor to the Duke of Serkonos and founder of Jindosh Clockworks. He is responsible for the creation of the Clockwork Soldiers and the construction of the Clockwork Mansion, in which he also resides. He is an assassination target in the Dishonored 2 mission The Clockwork Mansion.

Comments made by Jindosh over the loudspeakers in his mansion during The Clockwork Mansion mission can be found here.


Jindosh is a former student of the natural philosopher Anton Sokolov.[2] Though he showed great promise and intelligence, Jindosh was expelled 2 years later from the Academy of Natural Philosophy for reasons unknown. Eventually, Jindosh became affiliated with Luca Abele and became Grand Inventor to the Serkonan Duke. Jindosh built an elevated mansion on a hill overlooking Karnaca which became his place of residence. Jindosh also invented the mechanical Clockwork Soldiers which he both uses to secure his home and sell to wealthy aristocrats.

Dishonored 2


Jindosh and other members of the Duke's inner circle.

Jindosh takes part in a séance that successfully returns Delilah Copperspoon into the world. Delilah and the Duke thereafter begin planning for a coup against Dunwall to depose Empress Emily Kaldwin and instate Delilah herself as the new sovereign. When Sokolov catches wind of the ploy, he is abducted by the Crown Killer and imprisoned in the Clockwork Mansion. There, Jindosh attempts to solicit his former mentor's assistance in the mass production of his Clockwork Soldiers, but is met with refusal. He responds by forcing Sokolov into electrotherapy, in hopes of nulling the man's free will while maintaining his creative genius, but to no avail.

During the events of Dishonored 2, Jindosh continues to hold Sokolov captive in the Assessment Chamber of his Clockwork Mansion. Either Corvo Attano or Emily arrive at the mansion to free Sokolov and dispatch Jindosh before he can create an army of Clockwork Soldiers for Duke Luca Abele. He is either assassinated or subjected to intense electrotherapy, depriving him of his knowledge and reducing him to a layman state.


Jindosh Trailer Still D2

Jindosh at work in his laboratory.

"Jindosh won't care who you are or what you want. To him, it's all a puzzle to work out. He looks at you like he wants to take you apart."
—Meagan Foster regarding Jindosh

One of the most accomplished inventors in the Empire, Jindosh takes pride in his intellect, often flaunting his genius. He cares first and foremost for his creative studies, dedicating most of his time and energy to his laboratory and sleeping only four hours during his few periods of respite. His confidence in his creations is so great, that he has no qualms with intruders attempting to infiltrate his Clockwork Mansion. Additionally, he looks to those he deems intellectually inferior with contempt, but is willing to acknowledge the intellects of those he feels are of equal measure to himself, as evidenced by his reverence of Sokolov's creative genius.


  • Kirin Jindosh is voiced by John Gegenhuber.[3]
    • John Gegenhuber was originally set to voice a character in Dishonored but was eventually replaced by a celebrity.[4]
  • Should Emily reveal her presence to Jindosh in the gallery of the Upper Hall, he approaches her from behind secure glass and mockingly bows before her, having deduced her identity. He then alerts the Clockwork Soldiers to Emily's presence, causing them to start scouting the area. Similarly, he also recognizes Corvo as the Lord Protector.
  • If Jindosh is aware of an intruder in his home, he will comment on their progress through loudspeakers.
    • After the first Clockwork Soldier is destroyed by either the protagonist, Jindosh voices his surprise. If the intruder is Emily, Jindosh states that he did not think she had it in her, given her coddled upbringing. If Corvo is chosen instead, Jindosh voices similar opinions, in reference to Corvo's age.
    • If the protagonist uses Bend Time or Doppelgänger, he will comment that he detects them at two places at the same time and asks how they accomplished that.
  • Jindosh is the inventor of the silvergraph, a format to capture pictures.[5]
  • Prior to his expulsion from the Academy of Natural Philosophy, it is rumored that Jindosh made a functioning version of the Heart that operated for exactly 13 minutes before turning to ash.[6]
  • Jindosh lost the index finger and thumb on his left hand in an industrial accident. He has replaced them with a ceramic prosthesis that doubles as a pipe, upon which he puffs occasionally.[7]
    • He keeps his cut fingers in a jar of formalin, stored in a hidden compartment in his apartments, next to his letter of expulsion from the Academy of Natural Philosophy.
  • Should the protagonist decide to murder Jindosh with a sword, a special animation plays. Corvo or Emily will kick Jindosh in the privates and watch him drop to the floor. They will grab him by his hair to raise him up and brutally stab him in the side of his neck to finish him off.
    • One of the Brigmore Witches in the Royal Conservatory has a waxwork doll, fashioned to look like Jindosh. The item has been pierced with several hairpins in the neck, head and groin. Interestingly enough, it is the same body parts that are attacked during this animation.
  • While at the Academy, Jindosh was studying to become Master of Engineering. When he was expelled, all progress toward this title was formally rescinded.
  • Jindosh's expulsion certificate was decreed by the Academy of Natural Philosophy, underwritten by the Guild of Metallurgy, sponsored by the Electromagnetism Council and validated by the Chamber of Smoke and Iron. The certificate to confirm this was issued in Dunwall, but no date was given.[8]
    • In the second interlude of The Return of Daud, Jindosh is described as already having been expelled (for what he only describes as a "little accident") by 1841, eight years before he aids in the resurrection of Delilah.
  • Despite having invented the Clockwork Soldier, Jindosh does not stop making noise if he notices one has been decapitated, allowing him to be killed by his own creations.
  • Jindosh shares several similarities to Nikola Tesla. Both have claimed to only sleep 2-4 hours a day, and are known for disciplining primarily in electrical and mechanical engineering.
  • Jindosh is known to have made a "a machine that drank seawater, playing music that brought listeners to tears", that was promptly taken apart by the Academy upon his expulsion.[1]
    • Conversely, he is also known to have made a toy "composed of wood, brass, and the bones of several cats", and powered by a few drops of whale oil each day, that was given to a Tyvian noble girl as a gift. However the device drove her insane.[9]
  • According to Harvey Smith, Jindosh is dead by the time of the events of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. All of his Clockwork Soldiers have also been destroyed through Dishonored 2. These decisions on the story canon were taken to explain the presence of Clockwork Sentinels in the game.[10]
  • Jindosh's pistol is loaded with explosive bullets.
  • According to a comment Jindosh makes when mesmerized, he was hated by his mother and raised by his "bastard brother". The Heart also reveals that when he was young, he dissected a cat, causing his mother great distress.
  • If all the key targets in Karnaca are spared and high chaos is obtained, lobotomized Jindosh along with Breanna Ashworth seem to join Armando's new council as members.
  • In Japanese mythology, a Kirin is a mythical hooved chimerical creature (known as a qilin in Chinese and other East Asian cultures) said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler.