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Kill Cascade is a mobility challenge in Dunwall City Trials. The aim is to reach the goal as fast as possible, using drop assassinations to break falls and maximize the height of each assassination to gain points.


"Perform drop assassinations as you try to reach the final platform as fast as possible."


Kill cascade

The moments right before a drop assassination.

The guards that the player must drop assassinate are marked by different colored beacons, which show what is required to reach that guard:

  • Green: Only require sprinting.
  • Yellow: Reached by sprinting and an Agility jump.
  • Red: Can only be reached by a combination of sprinting, Agility jumping, and Blink.

As the video above shows, the easiest way to obtain a three star rating is to skip most of the targets and achieve the longest falls instead. For example, first by blinking onto the first yellow target, blinking across the gap, and again blinking onto the boat after sprint-jumping.

Jessamine kaldwin, city trials 1

The final target, the Empress.

From here, head to the first red target. This will net the player upwards of 7000 points. Next, skip the tallboy, and blink onto the grassy platform on the right. From there, blink onto the ruined wall, and then run, jump, and blink to get to the final drop assassination. If the player does this without hitting anything on the way down, they will be granted 24000 or more points, and the achievement Long Way Down.


  • The Outsider can be spotted in a far corner of the room the final assassination takes place in, marking his only in-person appearance in Dunwall City Trials.