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An Overseer feeding Justice in the kennels.

"Do not let your keen eyes wander tonight, boy. There’s word of bad men about. Here’s a good boy. Good boy, Justice."
—An Overseer in the Kennels feeding Justice a treat.

Justice is a minor character and animal who appears in Dishonored during the mission, High Overseer Campbell.

Justice is one of a number of wolfhounds trained to accompany and fight alongside the Overseers during their patrols throughout Dunwall. He normally is kept within the Kennels at the Office of the High Overseer.


Justice is encountered when Corvo Attano comes to the Office of the High Overseer to deal with Thaddeus Campbell. He is seen receiving a treat from an Overseer and thereafter follows that Overseer on patrol throughout the Kennels.


  • Justice is the only wolfhound found outside of a cage and on patrol in the Kennels.
    • It is never indicated which cage is his.
  • The treat he is given when first seen is a dead rat.