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Juliet examines Jacobi's Void piece.

"What else was Jacobi hiding here? Silvergraphs? Letters?"
—Juliet checking Jacobi's stuff

Juliet is a character in Death of the Outsider and can be encountered during the mission The Bank Job.

Death of the Outsider[]

Juliet is a member of the Eyeless gang. After city administrator Ivan Jacobi has been robbed off his vault key by Billie Lurk or has, additionally, been exposed as a murderer, Juliet and fellow Eyeless gangster Eli are sent by Dolores Michaels to "attend" to the mess and to make sure there will be no future blunders on Jacobi's part.

When Lurk later arrives at Jacobi's office, she can find Juliet and Eli searching Jacobi's office for any notes or objects connecting him to the Eyeless gang. Jacobi himself can be found hanging from the ceiling or lying behind his desk in a puddle of blood with a vial of Cienfuegos' blood in his hand, apparently having committed suicide. Inside the office, Juliet shows interest in one of Jacobi's possession - a piece of the Void kept in a vacuum container.


  • Juliet's and Eli's presence in Jacobi's office and the content of their mission details could imply that they killed Jacobi on Michaels' orders to prevent him from messing up even more and to punish him for losing his key.
  • Juliet name is mentioned in the Note.