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Lady Julie Coldridge is a wealthy Dunwall aristocrat. She is a character in Dishonored Roleplaying Game. She is the owner of Coldridge Prison and runs it with a strict rules.


She comes from a strong and wealthy family Coldridge. Julie's family built the Coldridge Prison in the later years of the Insurrection as a way to help Gristol's war effort on the back of Morleyan prisoners. Then she becamed the next family head and she took the position of prison and managed the prison with an iron fist which made her quite unpopular among the prisoners including Clarissa Hiirgaard.

Dishonored Roleplaying Game[]

Lady Coldridge was aware of the conspiracy against Larisa Olaskir under the cover of the Morley Insurrection to push Euhorn Kaldwin into power. It benefited Lady Julie by having her correctional facilities funded by the Empire, while also obtaining prisoners to work in her factories.

After learning that the prisoners have escaped the prison. She told one of her agents that to inform Lars Njemal to convince him to spy on the Morleyan community with the promise of restoring his leadership position at Coldridge Prison and his death sentence for the escape will be revoked.

Lady Julie is informed by Lars that The Hatters and Bottle Street are planning to assassinate her during the Fugue Feast. She ordered the private watch employed in Coldridge Prison to burn The White Clove Inn, a drinking place for the Morleyan workers.

When she is informed about the workers march and felling threatened by it. Lady Coldridge uses her influenced on Empress Jessamine Kaldwin intervened to keep down the repression of the City Watch on the workers' march against Greaves.

The prisoner learns that Julie and Luke Greaves are in a competition for the whale oil market, which the former is winning thanks to the inexpendable workforce she is getting from Morleyan prisoners being shipped to her prison. After the prisoner deals with Greaves situation and learing about it she has reinforced her security measures and has ordered City Watch tracking down the escapees.

Lady Coldridge plans to move to Poolwick though the northern roads also hiring sixteen guards for protection and let the City Watch purge Dunwall out of Morleyans protesters. When the prisoner plans to attack her The Outsider appears one last time to proposes the choice to possess Lady Coldridge's pet snake, granting them the opportunity to kill her with a poisoned bite. If the prisoner instead successfully assault the caravan, the latter can either decide to kill her or let her go, although it would not change her ruthless ways and simply contribute to more chaos.

The prisoner can find a conspiracy letter which she is fiercely holding.


  • She has a pet that is a snake which can be possessed and can kill her.