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Journalist’s Lockbox Notes is a written note found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


Research for Jacobi Article

I started this search for answers at the behest of Lucia Pastor. She came to my office with concerns about the alarming number of illegal foreclosures made by Michaels Bank recently and asked me to investigate. I never suspected that a simple quest to uncover bank fraud would instead put me on the trail of a coldblooded murderer.

Interview with Teresia Cienfuegos

I interviewed Teresia Cienfuegos today about Michaels Bank’s foreclosure on the family pharmacy. She provided my first major clue! Her father’s account books contain puzzling entries for syringes, blood transfusion equipment, and large amounts of his home-made poppy tincture sedative. Shipments of these items were sent to the Spector Club without her knowledge. And guess who was receiving them? Administrator Ivan Jacobi. What could he need with quantities of blood transfusion items? This matter bears further investigation.

Interview with Ned Tamron

I stopped by the Spector Club this evening to interview some of its elite patrons. Most were too drunk to give me any useful information. But one Ned Tamron laughingly described a “sanguine infusion” house specialty. Its chief ingredient is rumored to be human blood. Suddenly, the pieces all fit together: Cienfuegos’s bloodless corpse, the transfusion equipment, Jacobi’s patronage of the Spector. I know he’s behind the recent exsanguination murders. There must be evidence that ties him directly to Cienfuegos’s death. If only I could find it! I have to keep investigating until I do. I can’t rest until I expose Jacobi for the monster he is.


This note can be found in Cristofer Jeorge's safe in the basement of the bank's Inner Atrium during the mission The Bank Job.