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The Mad Survivor's shrine.

Journal Entry Part Two is a written note found in Dishonored.


Journal Entry Part Two

6th Day, Month of Rain
My cousin Emil is coming soon, bringing a bird to roast. I'm going to see if any of the shops are still open. Maybe I can buy apples or some potatoes.

10th Day, Month of Rain
I put my whale bone carving on a shelf, but I could not see it from some parts of the room. So I made a little pedestal for it. It looks nice in the candle light.

15th Day, Month of Rain
Sometimes I dream about it. In the dreams, it makes sound like wind, through a broken window. One some nights, the wind sounds like a voice. I was supposed to go to the docks, to ship out, but I remembered too late. It was days ago.


It can be found on a desk in the Mad Survivor's apartment during the mission The Royal Physician. It is preceded by Journal Entry Part One and continued in Journal Entry Part Three.