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The Mad Survivor's Outsider Shrine.

Journal Entry Part Three is a written note found in Dishonored.


Journal Entry Part Three

18th Day, Month of Rain
My cousin came, but we fought over it. When I came into the room, he was holding it. I screamed at him and we fought. Now I am filled with remorse.

26th Day, Month of Rain
He’s still sitting in the corner, across from the candles. He was a thief.

2nd Day, Month of Wind
I wonder how he knew about it. Coming to dinner was a trick.

Maybe he told others.

7th Day, Month of Wind
Barricades in the halls outside. It is safe now.

11th Day, Month of Wind
The Watch came, taking people away. The neighbors. Someone in the building has the rat plague. Gone now. It promises to protect me. Each night it promises.


It can be found beside an Outsider shrine in an apartment occupied by the Mad Survivor during the mission The Royal Physician. It is preceded by Journal Entry Part One and Journal Entry Part Two.