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The Mad Survivor.

Journal Entry Part One is a written note found in Dishonored.


Journal Entry Part One

19th Day, Month of Seeds
What will I do? She left and took her things. Back to her family, as if that will help. The plague will get us all.

3rd Day, Month of Nets
I've been offered work on one of the whaling boats. I'll be leaving this place at last. Later, I will find a place in Tyvia, to the north. The winters are cold there. No rats, no plague.

28th Day, Month of Nets
Last day of the month, my fortunes have turned. I found something. Shiny, shiny, and old. Looks like whale bone, which is supposed to be lucky.


It can be found in an apartment occupied by the Mad Survivor during the mission The Royal Physician. It is continued in Journal Entry Part Two, and concluded in Journal Entry Part Three.


  • The first recording in this journal entry was actually written in the Month of Harvest. During development, the Month of Seeds and the Month of Harvest were accidentally inverted, a mistake that made its way into a number of notes and books.[1]