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Journal - E. Cienfuegos is a book found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from a journal kept by Eleuterio Cienfuegos]

5th day, Month of Songs
Another dream. Not the Void, but a place every Karnacan sees daily! Shindaerey Peak, with light unfurling upwards from it. I have no idea what it could mean. Do I investigate? The mountain calls me.

9th day, Month of Songs
I asked Teresia to mind the shop so I could go climbing. She was curious, naturally. Worried. I’d never expressed any interest in climbing before, why now? Why alone? For her sake, I lied, and calmed her fears best I could. My reasons would only frighten her further.

14th day, Month of Songs
I ascended one of the foothills of the mountain. It will be several days before I pass the treeline, but I am making progress. Each night I stare up at the mountain’s peak, fringed with stars, and remember the dream.

18th day, Month of Songs
Nearly fell into a pit. Glad I brought my pistol, too—the wild animals here are bold and bloodthirsty.

20th day, Month of Songs
I’m nearly out of provisions, and nothing to show for my trip except exhaustion and lightheadedness. I grow frustrated. And hungry.

25th day, Month of Songs
I spent sixteen days wandering the slopes of that cursed mountain, and for what! Only the repeated opportunity to break my neck in some accident and never be found. There was nothing there but dangerous creatures and abandoned mining equipment. Why did my dreams draw me to that place?

3rd day, Month of Earth
I stretched a new canvas this morning. If my dreams won’t let me understand, then the least I can do is remember. The brushes and pigments are prepared. I will see my vision realized here, as with all the others.


This book can be found in Cienfuegos's studio above his pharmacy in Upper Cyria during the mission Follow the Ink.