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The run-down Addermire Institute.

Journal - Corporal Valadez is a book found in Dishonored 2.


It's been six months now since I came to Addermire on permanent assignment. I'm not sure it was a good idea anymore. At first I enjoyed the isolation because it allowed me to pretend that I’d left my past behind me.

But now I catch myself singing just to break the silence. I sniff and inspect every bite before eating. When I shower with water from Addermire's reservoirs, I don't feel clean. It's as if disease is in the very walls.

So many sick people have come through here, for years! And not only carrying germs, but suffering maladies of the mind. Those kinds of things leave a mark on a place, even after the particular smell, and look at you like you’re just a pile of organs.

I'm probably sick already, having breathed this cold, wet air for so long. It's hard to believe people used to come here to get well.

Addermire feels like a tomb now.

Maybe I'll go keep watch on the roof deck. Enjoy the sun while I can.


This book can be found in the right wing of the second level of the Addermire Institute during the mission The Good Doctor.