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John Clavering Boulevard.

John Clavering Boulevard, or Clavering Boulevard, is a main thoroughfare in the Distillery District. Taking its name from a deceased High Overseer, John Clavering, one end is a bridge over the Wrenhaven River while the other is a fork, leading to both Holger Square and the Golden Cat. By 1837, the time of the events of Dishonored, the bridge has collapsed.

John Clavering Boulevard is split into three main sections: the bridge, the section between the walls of light and the section between the second wall of light and the fork. When Corvo Attano first arrives there during the mission High Overseer Campbell, there are a few civilians on Endoria Street, which runs under John Clavering Boulevard, but the City Watch have control over the boulevard itself. The main reason for their presence is because the middle section of John Clavering Boulevard contains the Offices of Dr. Galvani. Doctor Galvani is a well-respected inhabitant of Dunwall and, during Dishonored, is attempting to cure the rat plague.

During the mission High Overseer Campbell, John Clavering Boulevard has been designated a restricted travel, with any person there liable to be searched or imprisoned.[1] Corvo must pass the two walls of light to get to Holger Square and the Office of the High Overseer. He also has the optional task of collecting a plague rat viscera from Galvani's laboratory to poison an elixir still for Granny Rags.

Opposite Galvani's home is Bunting's apartment, which is locked until the mission House of Pleasure. During that mission, Corvo returns to the Distillery District, this time to go to the Golden Cat, which was shut last time due to a "touch of plague".[2] As well as the Golden Cat, the Captain's Chair Hotel is open, though it is locked until Corvo obtains the key from Slackjaw after a side objective. Holger Square is blocked off due to the fate of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell.[3]

However, the biggest changes are the blocking off of the first wall of light and the addition of two watchtowers, one in the part of John Clavering Boulevard next to the river and the other by the fork at its other end. They are placed there because of Corvo's actions in Holger Square,[4] including the fate of Captain Geoff Curnow.[5] There are also a number of weepers in the area, whereas there were none to be found in the previous mission.


  • One of the Officers assigned to Kingsparrow Island can be overheard saying that, were he to become Emperor, the second thing he would do would be ordering lots of pastries from a certain shop on John Clavering Boulevard.