Joe Hamilton is a minor character in Dishonored 2. He can be encountered during the mission The Good Doctor. Hamilton is the janitor of Addermire Institute and has been in this position since the reign of Theodanis Abele. However, as of recently, he has panicked after seeing the Crown Killer in the Institute. His ranting and warning caused the Grand Guard members at the Institute to arrest him and to imprison him in one of the rooms of the disease treatment wing to interrogate him later. If the protagonist does not intervene, Hamilton is shot by Captain Ramirez so that he cannot reveal any incriminating information to the public.

When Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano arrive at Addermire in search of the Crown Killer, they can talk to the frightened Hamilton. By reading the diary in Hamilton's room, the protagonist finds out that Hamilton believes Alexandria Hypatia's assistant, Doctor Vasco, to be the Crown Killer.


  • His rooms in the Institute are on the highest floor. The door is protected by a trap and a blueprint can be found inside.
  • Killing Hamilton does not count as a kill.


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