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Kirin Jindosh, founder of Jindosh Clockworks.

Jindosh Clockworks, also known as Jindosh Technologies, is a Karnaca-based business founded and headed by Grand Inventor Kirin Jindosh, responsible for the manufacturing of various mechanical devices and security appliances.

The business is known widely in Karnaca for its Clockwork Soldiers, which are sold to aristocrats and high-valued friends of Duke Luca Abele. Though the cost of Clockwork Soldiers is said to be "exceptionally high", members of high society are typically unable to resist purchasing them upon witnessing their capabilities – motivated by the need to protect themselves and their holdings. As a result, Jindosh Clockworks has flourished, providing security to the elite, as well as supplementing the Duke with a complementary military force.

Clockwork Soldiers aside, Jindosh Clockworks produces many devices improved on Anton Sokolov's past designs. It can also be noted that Jindosh invented the process behind silvergraphs, but the camera-like silvergraph machines are manufactured by the Karl Reiser Company.

List of products[]


  • The model of the metal identification plate found on some of Jindosh's creations is reused from other models found in Dunwall. While the plaque states Jindosh Clockworks and Karnaca, its address is 131 Lackrow Boulevard, which is in Dunwall.
  • In The Art of Dishonored 2, it's mentioned that the designs of Jindosh Clockworks' products reflect its creator's eccentricity.