Empress Kaldwin Render
"When you are near my heart is at peace... Hurry home Corvo."
—Jessamine to Corvo.

The late Empress of Gristol, Jessamine Kaldwin was assassinated upon Corvo Attano's arrival to Dunwall Tower by Daud, on the orders of the Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows. Before her death, Jessamine watched helplessly as her daughter, Emily Kaldwin, was kidnapped by Daud's assassins.

As she passed, she charged Corvo with the safe return and protection of her beloved child, and her body and circumstance were later used to charge Corvo with treason and kidnapping. Jessamine was both loved and hated by the people that she served, and due to this, she committed herself to doing whatever it took to alleviate their suffering, becoming distaught with grief upon learning that the Dunwall harbor was going to be barricaded to monitor the spread of the rat plague.

It is believed that the Outsider removed her heart upon her death and mechanically modified it, presenting it to Corvo as "a gift" to aid his search for the tools that he would need to avenge her. Her voice and memories emit themselves from the Heart when Corvo activates it, at any point within an area or a person that he is targeting, and her fears, doubts, and knowledge become known to Corvo in bits and pieces as Dishonored progresses onward. This however, is yet to be confirmed.

It is speculated by many citizens of Dunwall, including Farley Havelock and Treavor Pendleton, that Corvo was Jessamine's lover as well as her bodyguard, and that he had fathered her daughter, Emily.


  • Jessamine is voiced by April Stewart.
  • In a hidden room in the back of Dunwall Tower there is an audiolog that Jessamine was planning on giving to her daughter Emily detailing the weight on her shoulders because of the rat plague, how much Corvo and Еmily mean to her and her future as empress.


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