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Oxrush in the Millenary Canal.

Jerome's Search for Oxrush is a written note found in The Brigmore Witches.


Hello Griff,

I hope your business is going well. If you are interested, I have a little business proposal for you. The canal here in Drapers Ward has been dry for some time now, enough time for the prized Oxrush to take bloom in the mud. None of the ruffians patrolling this area know how special the flower can be, so I have no competition in harvesting them, but none of the alchemists or natural philosophers that can use them frequent this district anymore. Perhaps I can send you some bunches of Oxrush to peddle (for a commission of course) and I can help you tap into an ammunition market here in Drapers Ward. The gangs have gone into full scale war, so demand is high.

Let me know your thoughts,



It can be found in Drapers Ward in Jerome's apartment on a table during the mission The Dead Eels.