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Jerome in his shop.

Jerome's Black Market Shop is a shop run by Jerome in Drapers Ward, located in a second floor apartment next to the Millenary Canal. Daud can buy various forms of ammunition, gadgets, elixirs and the like from him. Similar to Griff's shop, the owner of which Jerome is in contact with, Daud can access Jerome's shop at any time during the mission The Dead Eels.

Items Cost
Wristbow Bolt 20 coins
Explosive Bolt 50 coins
Bullet 30 coins
Sleep Dart 30 coins
Arc Mine 50 coins
Stun Mine 50 coins
Grenade 70 coins
Chokedust 50 coins
Piero's Spiritual Remedy 100 coins
Sokolov's Health Elixir 150 coins
Rewire Tool 100 coins
Oxrush Flower 50 coins
Bone Charm 100 coins