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The safe with the note next to it.

Jelly's Next Task is a written note found in Dishonored.



You daft choffer, here's another one for you.

"That old witch Granny Rags told me that you'll lose your taste for whiskey in the month of Wind. Then your eyes will go dim in the month of Seeds. And you'll draw your last breath in the month of Ice."

If you want your share you know what to do.


It can be found in the sewers beneath the Old Port District, next to a safe. The note's clues indicate the combination of the safe by using a nearby book on the different months.


  • According to developer Harvey Smith, the puzzle revealing the safe combination had to be moved toward the end of the game after it "stumped too many people."[1]
  • The puzzle uses the incorrect version of the calendar, which has the months of Seeds and Harvest inverted. The updated calendar lists the month of Seeds as the tenth month instead of the second.