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Jelly's safe and note in the sewers.

"You daft choffer."
—The author of the two notes

Jelly is a tertiary character in Dishonored. He appears to be a thug, possibly a member of the Bottle Street Gang, whose loot share has been stashed for him at several spots throughout the Dunwall Sewers.

Jelly is never encountered in person. Corvo Attano comes across his name for the first time in form of a note that can be found during the mission Dishonored. It hints at the combination to a nearby safe containing a vial of Sokolov's Elixir and a jewel case that had been stashed there for Jelly by an unknown person.

A second note bearing his name can be found later during the mission The Flooded District. Again the note is hinting at a combination to a nearby safe with Jelly's share stashed in it.


  • The author of the two notes doubts Jelly's ability to solve the riddles, referring to him as "daft" on both occasions.