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Jeffrey carrying a whale oil tank.

"Guard, why is this device not functioning?"
—Hiram Burrows inquiring about an unpowered Wall of Light before Jeffrey replaces the whale oil tank

Jeffrey is a minor character and City Watch Guard who appears in Dishonored during the mission, Return to the Tower.

He is a member of the City Watch of Dunwall and assigned to Dunwall Tower. He is one of numerous guards tasked with safeguarding Hiram Burrows from his various enemies. His other duties seem to be maintaining the various Sokolov technologies found throughout the Tower.


When Corvo Attano arrives at Dunwall Tower to remove the Lord Regent from power, Jeffrey can be found moving through the interior carrying a whale oil tank.

Once the tank has been installed within the magnetic socket powering the wall of light outside the Lord Regent's bedroom, he will patrol the hallways on the second floor of Dunwall Tower, assisting the other City Watch members there.


  • Despite promotional shots suggesting otherwise, Jeffrey is the only character, City Watch or otherwise, that actually puts a new whale oil tank within one of the magnetic sockets.
  • In what appears to be a scripted action, he doesn't actually change out a tank so much as put one in an empty socket.
    • Should the tank be removed by Corvo, or the whale oil become depleted, Jeffrey will not replace it a second time.
  • Jeffrey's name can be discovered during a conversation between General Tobias and a member of the City Watch within the halls of Dunwall Tower.
  • Should he spot Corvo while on his way to replace the whale oil, Jeffrey will draw his sword, an action resulting in him dropping the tank. The tank will then instantly explode, killing him immediately.
    • Sometimes his body will be discovered along his route to the empty socket, suggesting something happened that resulted in the tank exploding and killing him.
  • Jeffrey has no unique dialogue of his own and, save for carrying the tank and placing it in the socket, he behaves exactly like every other City Watch Guard.