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Cienfuegos Auction

Items for Auction is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


Bidding Starts for the Day

Mancisidor Estate (Deceased) - Household goods, plate, jewels, and artwork from the estate of Roriga Mancisidor. SOLD

Crates of Gristol Rare Vintage Wine (5) - Crates of bottle wine from the Maynez cellars. Auction proceeds to be donated to the Addermire Institute. SOLD

Salcido Menagerie (Foreclosure) - Exotic and unusual Pandyssian insects and vermin under glass from the Salcido Museum collection. SOLD

Floriman Fashions (Foreclosure) - Suits, fabric, and complete inventory from Floriman Family Tailors. SOLD

Cienfuegos Goods (Foreclosure) - Medicines, paintings, and complete inventory from the Eleuterio Cienfuegos Pharmacy

Bidding Closes for the Day


This note can be found on the table at the auction at Colibron Plaza in the Upper Cyria District during the mission The Bank Job.