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Instructions for Next Supper is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


There will be five of us. Don't get the usual things though. You have to get the imported cheese. Someone mentioned Caulkenny Cavern Cheese? And wine from Gristol. The best. The very very best that you can find. Follow one of the cooks from a noble's house if you have to.

It is the Duke himself we will be hosting!

I want to serve those tiny barnacles wrapped in pork belly. I had them at a gallery last month and couldn't get enough! And get sardines! And those little twice cooked cakes from the bakery. And some sweets.

No matter the money! If you're not sure, come see me.

- Aramis.


The note can be found on a bench in the kitchen at Stilton Manor in the past during the mission A Crack in the Slab.


  • Cathy can be heard complaining about Stilton's orders mentioned in the note, wondering where she will get some of his requests.