Clockwork Mansion Vista

Instructions is the title of two different written notes found in Dishonored 2.

Note One


Once you've completed your errands, take the carriage to the Jindosh Mansion and wait outside. I expect my business with the Grand Inventor will be concluded within the day.

Do not keep me waiting.

- Hadros


It can be looted from the belt of Hadros's servant who is waiting outside the Clockwork Mansion after Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano leave with Anton Sokolov, if they didn't take the Rail Car up to Jindosh's mansion.

Note Two


Most folks don’t know what’s really going on. With Delilah and her Coven running things, it’s worse than if the Hatters or the Branded Foot Girls took over the city. At least the gangs operate to make a profit. Everything that’s been running along smoothly for a very long time - corrupt or unfair or whatnot - went into the toilet as soon as Delilah set fire to Parliament.

But trust me, it’s good news for people like me and you. Make this run for me, deliver the weapons and ammo, and if it goes well, I’ll bump up your cut on future shipments.

Run off all the people holding things together, smash up the gears and pulleys, then make money selling guns to the people who are afraid in all the chaos. You won’t see an opportunity like this again in a lifetime. In three or four years, we’ll both be rich, even if we won’t be able to retire in Dunwall.


This note can be found in the crashed train near the docks of the Tower District in the mission Death to the Empress.

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