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I Must Remember Me is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


They are taking us away, one by one. There were nine of us here. We cried their names to drown out their screams. But they keep screaming, even when our voices turn into rasped whispers.

My sisters who come back from the music do nothing but cry. They won't eat, or sleep. We try to hold them close but they push us away. It will happen to all of us, sooner or later.

I'm the last one left. I don't even know how many days I've been here. They keep the lamps on at all hours so we can't see sunlight.

It was my turn today.

I can still hear the music, sometimes, when I close my eyes. I must stay awake.

Take the old surgeon's knife you found, prick your fingers. Watch the blood well up. You are alive! You are alive! Right to the bone. The Overseers can't reach you there. There's still a piece of you left that they haven't touched. It's deep, deep down.

I don't want to die.


This note can be found in the holding cell on the basement level of the Royal Conservatory during the mission The Stolen Archive.