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Launching the ISS Jessamine Kaldwin

The ISS Jessamine Kaldwin is a ship christened in 1852 and named after the late Jessamine Kaldwin.


On the 17th Day, Month of Earth, 1852 a ship was launched commemorating the late Empress appropriately named the ISS Jessamine Kaldwin. In a note titled Ship Launch Protocol sent to the Empress some time before the ship's launch, Emily Kaldwin was to swing a bottle of King Street Brandy tied to a rope so that it would smash onto the side of the ship. Emily also gave a speech at the ship's ceremony.

The ship was designed and built by Fletcher and Daughter, a Karnaca-based shipwright headed by Alistair Fletcher and his daughter Philly.


  • Originally, the opening of Dishonored 2 was to have Emily and company commemorate the new ship at a christening event down by the riverfront. The ceremony was to end at the point where the actual game starts: opening the double doors of the throne room in Dunwall Tower.
    • The plans for this were scrapped as Harvey Smith mentioned wanting to "get the players right to the action". [citation needed]