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Hyperbaric grenade is a type of non-lethal gadget in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which releases a shockwave of compressed gas upon detonation, knocking back everyone within range, and renders them unconscious. If Billie Lurk is within range, she will take significant damage, and is briefly knocked down instead. Like normal grenades, they can be "cooked" (an action that can be cancelled starting from Dishonored 2), meaning that they can be held for longer to reduce the time until explosion. They are very useful to clear a large group of enemies within close proximity.

Hyperbaric grenades can be purchased from black market shops after a certain upgrade is bought. They can also be looted predominantly from the Oracular Sisters.

Usage Tips[]

  • For players who prefer no HUD, there is a gauge on each grenade that shows when it would explode while being cooked.
  • The shockwave can trigger nearby mines, traps, explosives, and even whale oil tanks behind metal covers.
  • The shockwave can knock enemies into dangerous objects such as Orbon rum.
  • Hyperbaric grenades when thrown into a room, can push any button within the detonation range. This is particularly useful when a line of sight to the button is not available or there is no ammo left for the Voltaic Gun.
  • The shockwave will force the clockwork sentinels to dig their blade-arms into the ground, similar to how clockwork soldiers react to Windblast. The second blast will destroy them completely.


Death of the Outsider[]

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Hyperbaric Grenade 400 Coins N/A Enables Black Market shops to sell Hyperbaric Grenades.
Hyperbaric Muffler 400 Coins N/A Reduce the noise produced by Hyperbaric Grenade.

Related Bone Charms[]

Death of the Outsider[]

  • Blast Resistant - You take less damage from explosions.
  • Tricky Timing - Enemy grenades take slightly longer to explode.
  • Unfortunate Craftsmanship - Enemy grenades sometimes malfunction.
  • Unnerving Target - Enemies sometimes drop grenades and thrown debris at their feet.
  • Iron Roots - Knockdowns are much less likely to affect you.