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Horatio Weatherby at his shop.

"Come in, my friend. I like how you spend."
—Horatio, at the return of his newest client

Horatio Weatherby is a minor character in Dishonored 2. He is a shopkeeper in the Campo Seta Dockyards of Karnaca.


Horatio Weatherby is the sole proprietor of the black market shop located at the Campo Seta Dockyards. Selling numerous illegal goods, Horatio has managed to keep his shop well-stocked.

He lives within a large apartment in the same building in which his shop is located.

Dishonored 2[]

Shortly before Meagan Foster brings the protagonist to the Campo Seta Dockyards, Weatherby's assistant, Antonio, made comments regarding the validity of taxes imposed by the Grand Serkonan Guard. This incited the Guard to impose an extra fee upon Weatherby's shop.

Incensed by his assistant's lack of tact, Weatherby fired Antonio and demanded the young man bring back the key to the shop.[1] Before being able to do so, Antonio perished at the bloodfly-infested tenement where Luciano and his wife Bettina dwelled.

He offered the position of assistant to another individual, Carlito Molina, on the condition that the lost key be returned. Once Carlito discovered the building in which the key lay was infested by bloodflies, the young man refused.[2]