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A hollow in the form of a silvergraph.

"She can see it all. The Void breaking and spreading through all the cracks, like seawater sinking an old ship."
—The Outsider's comment at the first hollow

Hollows are small holes in the world where the Void is leaking through. Thanks to the Sliver of the Eye, Billie Lurk can see these gaps, giving her glimpses of what is and what could be. The Black Shard Arm can interact with the hollows, prompting a comment from the Outsider.

Visually, hollows appear as a certain object, usually a poster, flickering and jumping around, being replaced with different versions of itself. These different versions come from alternate timelines.

Locations and comments

Follow the Ink

  • The galley of the Dreadful Wale: "She can see it all. The Void breaking and spreading through all the cracks, like seawater sinking an old ship."
  • Inside the gate to Upper Cyria: "We carry what was done to us through the rest of our endless days. No one asked if we wanted it."
  • Corner of Duchess Lisandra Avenue and Canal Passage: "I've seen the bones these places are built on. I've seen them under the mud in the riverbanks, under the stones in the streets. It will all shudder and writhe."
  • Next to the Spector Club entrance: "All the old boundaries are falling apart. Between the living and the dead, the real and the forgotten. She watches them crumbling."
  • Across the street from Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank: "The waves break against the shore, and threaten everything they have built. The cower, fearful, and try to halt the tides."
  • Near the crashed rail car on Ferella Way: "A thousand lives, a thousand choices, all converged on one wounded body, one wounded mind."

The Bank Job

  • Ferella Way: "There is death in their dark eyes. These creatures, burned alive to light the world."
  • Next to the Spector Club entrance: "Whales carry harpoons in their backs, and chains caught in their bloody teeth. They kill, and dive deep the escape the slaughter."
  • Boiler room in the bank: "They scramble to find meaning while each day cuts deeper into their throats. Some want revenge, others just want peace."
  • Security and Administration office in the bank: "There is freedom in being hated. There is license in being cast out. Some learn this lesson a little too well."

The Stolen Archive

  • Below the apartment being raided by Overseers: "The Void tempts mysteries and craves answers. But all it gives is a form to the world's fears, a hole in the world."
  • Outside the Royal Conservatory: "All these charms, these runes and fetid offerings on shrines made for me, will be nothing more than objects worn of meaning. Bones and dead things, thrown into the dirt."