Holger Square

The offices of the High Overseer.

High Overseer Campbell is the second mission in Dishonored, in which Corvo Attano must eliminate High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell.


High Overseer Campbell leads the city's militant religious faction and is a close ally to the Lord Regent. Campbell is completely corrupt and holds the secret to Emily's location. Infiltrate the Office of the High Overseer, steal Campbell's journal and eliminate him. An ally to the Loyalists, Martin, is being held there. Free him and allow him to escape.


The main objective is to reach Holger Square by finding a way to circumvent two Walls Of Light. There are many different ways to bypass them, of which the easiest way is to climb to the rooftops of nearby buildings and use Blink to travel from one to another.

General mission notes

  • There is a safe in Galvani's house on the second floor. The password is hinted in a journal in the doctor's bedroom to be the most important day in his life.
  • If Corvo enters the backyard from the entrance near the Office of the Overseer, he will immediately come across two zealous Overseers attempting to kill another Overseer's sister. Taking them down will cause the victims to reward Corvo with the password to a safe. The safe is inside the Overseers' bedroom quarters, although the password is also printed on a note underneath a bed beside it.
  • Near to the second Wall of Light, there will be three thugs standing over the dead body of a City Watch Guard. They will argue over the loot and then fight among themselves.
  • Upon entering the Overseer's bunkhouse in the backyard, Corvo will encounter a confrontation between two Overseers and one infected with the rat plague. Depending on whether the chaos level is high or low, the infected Overseer will either plead for his life to the other two before being executed, or he will request that the other Overseers kill him before the plague turns him into a weeper.

Non-lethal alternative

The way to non-lethally neutralize Thaddeus Campbell involves burning the Heretic's Brand into his face, of which information on the ritual can be found in the office's Archives. In the interrogation room, Corvo can find the Heretic's Brand, the instrument used to administer the sentence.

Upon knocking Campbell unconscious and placing him on the chair in the interrogation room, he can be branded a Heretic. If the Corvo chooses to brand Campbell, public announcements can later be overheard, stating that providing aid to the former High Overseer is a crime. Campbell will then appear in The Flooded District as a weeper.

Side objectives

  • Rescue Griff from two Bottle Street Gang members who trapped him in a store. Rescuing him will enable him to sell supplies and blueprints to Corvo.
  • Prevent Captain Curnow's assassination by the High Overseer. Campbell plans to murder Curnow by giving him a poisoned glass of whiskey. Corvo can decide whether to poison both glasses, switch them or break both.
    • If Corvo confronts the pair directly, Curnow will become hostile.
    • If Corvo poisons Campbell or kills/knocks him out in the secret chamber, Curnow will run for the entrance as the Overseers come after him. However, it would be easier for him to escape if Corvo rescues him in the chamber.
    • Alternatively, Corvo can knock him out and place him in a trash bin besides the backyard entrance, outside the Office of the Overseer. It is vital that he is placed in the dumpster, as Curnow will still be considered dead if his unconscious body is left at any other location.
    • Another way to ensure Curnow survives is to use Possession (Rank 2) on Campbell before either of them drinks. Curnow will ask Campbell if he is 'feeling alright', then a few seconds later will state that he knows the way out. Curnow and both his personal guards will vanish from the map, completing the objective without having to stash Curnow inside the trash bin.


Low chaos walkthrough

High chaos walkthrough

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