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Hayward Woodrow is a minor character who appears in The Return of Daud and The Veiled Terror.

He is one of a number of Warfare Overseers assigned with investigating the ruins of the Greaves Auxiliary Whale Slaughterhouse 5 located in Slaughterhouse Row in Dunwall.


He is described as young, appearing barely eighteen with a round, clean-shaven face still filled with baby fat and big blue eyes.[1]

The Return of Daud[]

During the time of the events of Delilah's coup, Hayward is assigned with his brothers to search for an unknown supernatural artifact lost after the destruction of the Greaves Auxiliary Whale Slaughterhouse 5. While on a patrol by himself, he is captured and interrogated by Daud. After Woodrow answered Daud's questions, he was knocked unconcious and left on a rooftop.

The Veiled Terror[]

After the fall of the Outsider, strange and dark things started to happen within the Abbey of the Everyman, forcing Empress Emily Kaldwin to abolish the institution. Woodrow was among the Overseers who fled when soldiers from Whitecliff marched in to take over. Like his former brothers, he suffered from some kind of mental breakdown and needed Addermire Solutions to stay sane.

During her time in Dunwall, Billie Lurk encountered the former Overseer in an apothecary shop in Wyrmwood District, trying to acquire some of the restorative elixir. By that time, having become addicted to Addermire Solutions and no coin to pay for them, Woodrow had fallen into a very desperate situation. After having no success begging the proprietor, he used an artifact, a knife carved out of Void stone, to cut lines on his chest while chanting an incantation. This created a spell that knocked out the proprietor before Billie incapacitated him, stopping the spell from causing any more harm.


  • Hayward is a low-ranking Overseer known as a First Initiate.