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Piero and Sokolov hide in Piero's workshop.

Havelock's Orders to the Guard is a written note in Dishonored.


Captain Manning, we’ve tracked the conspiracy to the Hound Pits Pub. Search the premises for the natural philosophers Piero Joplin and Anton Sokolov. Do what you must to secure all materials related to the enhanced arc pylon they have been constructing. Question them thoroughly, and once you are certain you have everything they know of the pylon, execute them both. Bring the pylon to me, along with his papers and recordings.

They may be two of the greatest minds of our age, but they’re also traitors who conspired with Corvo to bring down this Empire.

I’m keeping Empress Emily Kaldwin with me at the Lighthouse on Kingsparrow Island until we’re certain that Corvo and his fellow conspirators have been properly dealt with.

- Lord Regent Havelock


It can be found in the barroom of the Hound Pits Pub during the mission, The Loyalists.