"I'll struggle on, once we locate the wine."

Harold is an aristocrat featured in Dishonored, during the mission Lady Boyle's Last Party. If Corvo enters the mansion through the front entrance, Harold will be the first person to speak of the Boyle sisters' guessing game.


Harold can be found outside the front entrance of the Boyle Mansion speaking to Mattie and another unnamed aristocrat as they wait for a friend of theirs named Emma to arrive. Harold explains the Boyles' game to the unknown aristocrat and expresses his displeasure at having to play it, saying that it will be "inexpressibly tiresome." He and Mattie exchange a few barbs, Mattie at one point noting that Harold "takes pride in being difficult," and Harold replying with a remark about Mattie's lustfulness. As he is "no gentleman," Harold is not opposed to making fun of others, participating in gossip about Emma and the Boyles, and, like many other aristocrats, he loves to drink and expresses his desire for a glass of wine more than once, believing that it will make the party more easy to bear.


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