Handbook For New Miners is a book found in Dishonored 2.


The Handbook For New Miners - An Essential Guide for Safely Navigating Your Work in the Mines

You are about to embark on a journey deep underground. The work is hard, but for the people who dig deep, there is long-standing tradition behind the labor, behind the culture itself. You will explore and excavate vast caverns in search of precious silver and other valuable ores. Your eyes may be the first to take in the grandeur of some of these underground grottos and seemingly endless shafts. However, as you must know, mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the Empire of the Isles. Before you begin it is essential you understand these basic safety rules.

Always bring a full days' ration of food and water with you. Two if you can carry the extra weight.

Be aware that canaries and sparrows are susceptible to invisible vapors, and will swoon when harmful gasses are present. Exit the mine immediately if this should happen to caged birds near you.

Always wear the protective goggles and breathing apparatus provided by the Foreman's Office.

Stay with your group at all times. Do not venture alone into unmarked caverns and tunnels.

Watch those working around you for sign of exhaustion or dizziness. Keep one another safe.

Demand for silver is at an all time high. So work hard, stay safe, and keep the precious metal coming!

Courtesy of the Miner's Union, paid for by Aramis Stilton.


This book can be found on a chair on Valia Street, during the mission Dust District.

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