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Hagpearls are a type of special ammunition for the voltaic gun. They look like tiny bouncy black balls that mainly serve as a distraction, but can also be used to push inaccessible buttons from a distance or to knock out targets with the charged shot upgrade. Billie Lurk can only hold one hagpearl at any given time. Black market shops do not sell hagpearls, and there are a finite number of hagpearls found in the missions:

  • One hagpearl can be found early on the second floor of the Albarca bathhouse, on a table near Jeanette Lee.
  • One at Shan Yun's table in Follow the Ink.
  • One is inside Georgie Botello's collection box.
  • Two on the very top of the main atrium of the Royal Conservatory. They sit on top of a wooden plank, above the owl taxidermies.
  • Three more can also be found in the Royal Conservatory, in an office room on second floor. The room is closest to the wooden walkway, which leads to the black market.
  • One is on a bridge inside the library in the mission A Hole in the World.

Hagpearls are what the hagfishes spit out when they ate something but cannot digest such as bones or silver teeth of a dead person. They are waxy and smell bad when first spat out, but harden as they dry. They are easily mistaken for river krust pearls, but nowhere near as valuable. Kids are seen using hagpearls as projectiles for slingshots, while it is considered bad luck by dockworkers when they open a hagfish belly and a bunch of them pour out. They are even made into talismans by some people in order to cast misfortune on others.[1]

Usage Tips[]

  • Hagpearls can be retrieved once shot out, preventing a drain on resources.
  • A charged headshot is required to knockout a target. Knocking out targets this way is quieter than using throwing objects or electrical bursts.
  • A charged shot is also needed to activate a button.
    • Other types of ammunition can also be used to push buttons but not as quiet as hagpearls.
  • Hagpearl's trajectory drops quickly even with a charged shot, so distance should be taken into consideration.


Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Charged Shot 700 Coins N/A Increases damage and enables various alternate functions.