Hackworth is a minor character and a City Watch Lower Guard featured in Dishonored during the first mission of the same name. He can be found in the prison yard at Coldridge Prison.

Having been assigned to the renowned prison, Hackworth is tasked with various duties, including patrolling the prison yard. Remarks from some of the guards also assigned to Coldridge suggest that not all the men employed there are doing their jobs properly, to the point where their rations of elixir are under threat of being taken away. Hackworth, however, seems to be one of the more dutiful prison guards, even going so far as to inspect the compound, reporting any problems he encounters.


  • Hackworth is found in the prison yard, and as such will not be encountered until after Corvo Attano retrieves the clockwork explosive from the safe in the interrogation room.
    • When first spotted he is smoking a cigarette in the middle of the yard.
  • Despite being called a "lazy slug" by a fellow Lower Guard member, Hackworth is more competent at his job than others. After discovering a boiler leak, he wishes to file a report about it, but the guard who scolds him tells him not to bother, as "a report's trouble for both of us."
    • During the events of A Stay of Execution for Lizzy when Daud visits the prison, the boiler in the prison yard is missing, which could indicate it has indeed been removed for repairs.
  • He is the first minor character to be addressed by name in the game.


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