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Guide to My Collection is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


Honored Guests,

Welcome to my collection of personal memorabilia! Alas, I can't be there to escort you through the private gallery, but here's a list of some of my favorite treasures. I hope you enjoy these rare and remarkable items as much as I do

-Shan Yun

-Guitar on which "To The Heartless" was composed
-Microphone of engraved gold, used in the Samara Sessions
-Audiograph from first pressing of "Release Thy Golden Locks, Gloriana"
-Violin and bow of Redmoor spruce, gift from Duke Luca Abele
-Metronome of ebony and Shindaerey silver
-Miniature piano of mahogany and blood ox horn, gift from the Tyvian Songbird Society


This note can be found in various places in Shan Yun's house during the mission Follow the Ink:

  • on the table in the dining room.
  • on the table in the lounge.
  • on a cushion in the room next to the music room.
  • on a bed in the servants' quarters.
  • on a table next to the safe in Yun's office.
  • on Yun's bed in his bedroom.