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Guarding the Camellia is a written note found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


Fist version[]

Some wretch broke into my shop recently and messed with my equipment. I hear that you can be trusted to keep an Eye on things. If you guard the Camellia and keep light-fingered lowlifes away, I’ll pay you good coin. Here’s the key.

Second version[]

I need a guard for the Camellia. Some villain broke in and killed my poor, brave hounds! My friend says I can trust you. If you guard my shop and keep lowlifes away, I’ll pay you good coin. Here’s the key.

Third version[]

I need your help. Thugs broke into my shop on the same day my beloved Shan was murdered. Maybe it’s just coincidence. I don’t know. I can’t bear to think about it right now. But I’ll pay you good coin to guard the Camellia. Here’s the key. Let me know if anything strange happens. I’ll be off numbing my memory with whiskey and plagued spirits.


This note can be found on the backdoor of the Red Camellia during the mission The Bank Job. The second version will appear if the wolfhounds guarding the shop's backyard in the previous mission Follow the Ink are killed. The third version will replace it if Shan Yun was killed in the previous mission.