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City Watch members during the coup.

Guard Deserting is a written note found in Dishonored 2.



That's it, mate. We talked about it last night, and me and my Jilly are leaving Dunwall.

You know me, I was always City Watch through and through. I never thought I'd be a deserter. But there's no other way. Staying in the Tower with Delilah and all her followers would be nuts. I've seen things in the last week that I didn't think could happen.

When Mortimer Ramsey said Empress Emily was a traitor, and that Lord Corvo had been killing off nobles, I believed it. Now I'm sure I was being naive. We all got taken on that one. Everything's ten times worse now than it's ever been.

Jilly and I are going up to Poolwick. Her sister has a farm outside of town. So goodbye, and good luck. If you ever get up there, I owe you a few drinks. As always, remember our motto. Keep your head down.



It can be found in the abandoned guard post just inside the street entrance to Dunwall Tower during the mission Death to the Empress.