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"He's a tricksy one, though, is Corvo Attano."
—Griz in conversation with his mistress.

Griz is a large man introduced during the first issue of the Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit.

The Wyrmwood Deceit[]

Issue One[]

Griz was tasked by his unnamed mistress, to follow the investigations of Corvo Attano during the events of the Wyrmwood Deceit. He reported success to her inquiries.

Issue Three[]

Griz reported to his mistress that Broken Tom is not happy with Corvo escaping twice. She explained to Griz that Broken Tom is just a pawn, used to further their goals.

Issue Four[]

Griz followed and captured an injured Martha Cottings, who was being cornered by Wyrmwood Way's gangsters. He brought her back to his mistress, and tended to her wound. When Martha woke up, the witch was trying to create a double of her by painting her likeness. Martha, however, threw a hidden dagger, shattering the glass head of Griz's weapon. This triggered the whale oil within to explode, seemingly destroying both Griz and the witch.


  • Griz seems to have a decent amount of knowledge concerning Corvo Attano, but how or where he obtained it is unknown.
  • Griz uses a huge flanged mace, the head of which is a device that looks like a whale oil glass container. As he swings the weapon, the head generates a stream of fire capable of burning his opponents. Protected by the flanges, the head appears to be sturdy enough to be swung around, but the glass itself can be shattered if struck just right, causing the weapon to explode.