Gristol is a hilly, cool island that is centrally located within the Isles, and is the imperial center of the Empire of Isles. The Abbey of the Everyman, the religion of the world, was formed on the island during the Litany on the White Cliff.

The island of Gristol is home to six major cities: Baleton, Driscol, Dunwall, Potterstead, Redmoor, and Whitecliff. Gristol's capital city of Dunwall is a massive, bleak environment, that serves as the primary locale for Dishonored.


While the nation's economy was originally based in fishing and whaling, whale oil processing techniques invented by Esmond Roseburrow and subsequent weaponization pioneered by Anton Sokolov gave rise to a fully-realized industrial revolution. For this reason, Gristol is referred to as the "heart of industry" within the Isles.


The island is notable for its wide hierarchical class divides, perhaps exacerbated by the rat plague. Institutions such as the Rudshore Financial District seemed to guarantee economic stability for regular citizens of Dunwall, but with the coming of the plague, divides between classes and cultures became much wider. The lower classes in Dunwall are notably pragmatic (and superstitious, according to High Artificier Bartholomew, though the source may not be reliable), while the upper echelon seems to be based on a culture of excess. Whether these practices can be attributed to other cities within Gristol, or are unique to Dunwall, is unknown.

Additionally, the culture seems to espouse restrictive attitudes toward gender, sexuality, and religion: women are barred from certain occupations, homosexuality is regarded as taboo, and adherence to the Abbey of the Everyman is demanded (which may be the root cause of the two former attitudes).

The people of Gristol also participate in the Fugue Feast.

International Relations

The heart of the Empire, Gristol has managed to expand its influence over the Isles due to its powerful navy. It is often said that young boys coming of age travel to Gristol in order to learn the art of naval combat. This is further compounded through innovations in naval technology, particularly the designs of Anton Sokolov.


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