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Griff's Curio Shop.

"Collector of fine items of note & objects of taste and distinction"
—The sign for Griff's Curio Shop

Griff's Curio Shop is a black market retail establishment run by Griff in the Distillery District. Griff scavenges for the limited selection of items himself, causing his prices to be significantly higher than those of Piero Joplin. Located at 15 Bloodox Way, Corvo Attano can visit the shop during the missions High Overseer Campbell and House of Pleasure, provided he rescued Griff during the former.


Item Cost Description
Sokolov's Elixir 200 Coins A restorative developed by the famous inventor, Anton Sokolov
Guard Bullets 50 Coins Bullets stolen from a guard shipment.
Blueprint: Lens Magnification 200 Coins A diagram for increasing the stability in a multi-lens array. Piero can use this to upgrade the magnifying lens in your mask.
Blueprint: Sokolov's Formula 200 Coins The formula for Sokolov's Health Elixir. Piero can use this to distill a liquid that restores health and protects against the rat plague.
Sleep Darts 100 Coins A dart tipped with plant-based poison.
Bolts 50 Coins Lethal projectiles scavenged from roof-tops.
Rewire Tool 200 Coins Allows you to rewire circuitry and turn security systems to your advantage. Consumed on usage.


  • Apart from crossbow bolts, which are sold in pairs, everything else is sold one at a time.
  • Griff only has one rewire tool and one of each blueprint. Beyond that, he can continue to supply as long as Corvo has the money and the space.