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"[I]f Sokolov is testing elixirs on people to cure the plague why is it he always asks for healthy citizens? I mean, if you follow my meaning, sir."
—Grayson questioning his superior about the experiments of Anton Sokolov

Grayson is a minor character and City Watch Guard who appears in Dishonored during the mission The Royal Physician.

He is a member of the City Watch of Dunwall and has been promoted to the duties of a Dead Counter. He is tasked with maintaining the area of North End on Kaldwin's Bridge near Anton Sokolov's Safehouse, defending it against intruders such as the Bottle Street Gang.


Grayson can be found on North End when Corvo Attano arrives to kidnap Anton Sokolov for the Loyalists. His duties include patrolling the area, guarding the street access to Sokolov's Safehouse, and looking for healthy test subjects for Sokolov's experiments. The latter seems to disturb him greatly and he is seen voicing his concerns to a high-ranking Watch Officer who is also a Dead Counter.

The Officer isn't pleased with Grayson "thinking" and tells the guardsman that he just doesn't understand natural philosophy. The Officer also refers to the still-living survivors penned behind the wall of light as "Pigs for Sokolov's experiments." The Officer also threatens Grayson's supply of elixir unless he ceases his "wondering".

Grayson eventually relents to his superior's commands and goes back to patrolling North End. Though he says he agrees with the officer's outlook on the survivors as pigs, his dejected tone indicates he is troubled by his decision.


  • Grayson mentions a woman who was recently taken into the Safehouse, saying "She was easy to look at" and "seemed nice enough". He is distressed that she will die soon in "so horrible-like" a fashion. These remarks may be in reference to Test Subject 312.
    • By the comments Grayson and the Watch Officer make, it seems as if the true nature of Sokolov's experiments upon the citizens is common knowledge amongst the City Watch.
  • Grayson mentions investigating sounds heard from a warehouse south of the area. This is possibly the warehouse where a lone female survivor is trapped in the basement by a large swarm of rats.