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The bride and the groom.


The tray with the ring bursts into flames.

Granny's Wedding Recreation is a written note and a side objective found in The Brigmore Witches.


[A page torn from an old manuscript, written in a scrawling hand]

Bring a man to represent my black-eyed groom
Fetch a woman to represent me in my youth
Lay them together in the eternal circle
A wedding band, to bind them, placed on the silver tray

Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a wedding gift

- Granny


It can be found in an abandoned apartment near the entrance to Drapers Ward at the beginning of the mission The Dead Eels.


  • Any male or female body (dead or alive and including dismembered torsos) can be used to help with the spell. It is easy enough to simply get the bodies of the gang members killed in the fight at the beginning of the mission.
  • The wedding ring is located in the back alley adjacent to the Dressmaker's apartment; it can be found hidden in the bushes along with a few coins and a key.