Golden Cat Guest Ledger is a book found in Dishonored.

The transcript of the book will change based on the circumstances under which it is read: if the Pendleton twins are still in the vicinity, the first transcript below will be displayed; if they have been neutralized, the second transcript will be in place.

First Transcript

Lord Morgan Pendleton, with Loulia in the [Steam/Ivory] Room, [downstairs/second floor].

Mister Bunting, with Betty in the Silver Room, second floor.

Lord Custis Pendleton, with Violetta in the [Gold/Smoking] Room, third floor.

Second Transcript

Lords Morgan and Custis Pendleton checked out at 7:00pm, citing an appointment with the Lord Regent.


The book can be found in the first floor lobby and in Madame Prudence's office on the second floor of the Golden Cat.


  • While the locations are variable, the courtesan and patron pairs remain consistent.
    • The twins' room pairings will always be either the Steam and Gold Rooms or the Ivory and Smoking Rooms.
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